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Episode #02: Types of investors & opportunities

In this episode, you’ll learn Types of Investors & Opportunities Opportunities in Multifamily real estate investment. It offers smart, simple, and sustainable solutions to today’s financial market. There are two types of investors: accredited, who have a high net worth, and sophisticated, who have experience in the finance sector. We have two different offerings: one is a 506(b) that allows up to 35% unaccredited investors, another is a 506(c) that only includes accredited investors. Whether you’re an accredited or sophisticated investor, you can take advantage of the opportunity to invest in multifamily syndications. If you’ve any questions please email or visit our contact page.

Why Syndication and Why You? 

  • You want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time or interest in being a landlord. 
  • You want to invest in physical assets (as opposed to paper assets, like stocks). 
  • You want to invest in something that’s more stable than the stock market. 
  • You want the tax benefits that come with investing in real estate. 
  • You want to receive regular cash flow distribution checks. 
  • You want to invest with your retirement funds. 
  • You want your money to make a difference in local communities.

If you’ve any questions please email or visit our contact page.

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