We focus on high-performing multifamily properties, senior housing, and student housing in carefully selected emerging markets, primarily in Texas and the Southeast United States.

Multifamily Properties

Multifamily housing has been the strongest performer in the commercial real estate sector for more than three decades— generating an average annual return of 9.75 percent. The sector has continued to generate healthy returns for investors despite pandemic-related setbacks in 2020, and market volume in 2021 is forecast to increase further.

Multifamily complexes of 5+ units tend to qualify for different types of financing and typically offer higher returns due to the economy of scale that comes from consolidating property management and maintenance expenses for properties with multiple units under a single roof or common area, versus managing and maintaining multiple individual properties in various locations.

Additionally, larger properties pose less risk from vacancy losses, because a vacancy in a single unit in a multi-unit property does not have the same negative effect on income that occurs when a single-family property or duplex suffers a vacancy.

Monthly cash flow

Passive income

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