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Episode #03: How do passive investors get paid?

Multifamily real estate can be a great investment for many reasons. But, at the end of the day, your goals are likely to increase your financial portfolio and generate passive income. 
The most important thing is to understand how you get paid as an investor. Multifamily real estate offers three important ways to generate income. 
The first is through cash flow distributions which are earned through rental income and are paid for the duration of the syndication project, cash-out refinance in which investors get cash flow distribution checks based on their initial investments, and sales of the property in which investors get paid when the property is sold, these are two other ways you can realize gains.
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Why Syndication and Why You? 

  • You want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time or interest in being a landlord. 
  • You want to invest in physical assets (as opposed to paper assets, like stocks). 
  • You want to invest in something that’s more stable than the stock market. 
  • You want the tax benefits that come with investing in real estate. 
  • You want to receive regular cash flow distribution checks. 
  • You want to invest with your retirement funds. 
  • You want your money to make a difference in local communities.

If you’ve any questions please email or visit our contact page.

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