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Episode #04: 4 Things you should know about taxes and passive real estate

The benefits of passive real estate investing are numerous. While the passive income from multifamily real estate, and other forms of investing, is well known, many people don’t know about all the ways to save on your taxes when you invest in multifamily apartments and commercial properties.
First is tax code favors real estate investors, Depreciation is a powerful wealth-building tool, Cost Segregation is Depreciation on Steroids, Some people invest in real estate solely for the tax benefits.
When it comes to multifamily real estate investing and taxes, though, the details are extremely important.
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Why Syndication and Why You? 

  • You want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time or interest in being a landlord. 
  • You want to invest in physical assets (as opposed to paper assets, like stocks). 
  • You want to invest in something that’s more stable than the stock market. 
  • You want the tax benefits that come with investing in real estate. 
  • You want to receive regular cash flow distribution checks. 
  • You want to invest with your retirement funds. 
  • You want your money to make a difference in local communities.

If you’ve any questions please email or visit our contact page.

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