From Chiropractor to Syndication Investing with Dr. Jeannette Birnbach

Learn how Dr. Jeannette Birnbach successfully invests in real estate syndications in this episode of Pillars of Wealth Creation
Dr. Jeannette Birnbach has been running a successful practice for the last 24. She realized about half way through that time that scaling her business would require opening multiple offices or developing a passive stream of income. She had always been intrigued by the idea of real estate and began her journey by renovating and flipping a house and then purchasing single family homes in multiple markets. Realizing the potential of multi-family, she purchased three small multifamily properties on her own, which led to discovering the power of passive syndication for larger properties. Syndication removed all obstacles to generating income due to its infinite scalability and almost zero time commitment after investing in a great deal. It allowed her to keep working in her clinic, while generating a six-figure passive income and amassing a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio which increases in value every month. Now working as a general partner, she is able to guide other health care practitioners who face the same challenges she did to learn about and profit from passive real estate investing.
In this episode, Dr. Jeannette & Dave talk about…
  • Her lovely story when she moved to Japan
  • Learn about Jeannette enrolling in a chiropractic school
  • How did she pay her debt?
  • Her learnings when she restarts her practices 3-4x?
  • When did she get into real estate?
  • How did she find and buy 8 properties in a year and a half?
  • What was the cash flow in those properties?
  • Tips and Processes for starting up in this kind of investment.
If you want to be successful through real estate syndication Schedule a Free Strategy Call with Dr. Jeannette to learn more.

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