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Building Passive Wealth Through Investing

Building Passive Wealth Through Investing

Sanjay Hegde is Founder and President of Blue Ring Investors LLC, a company formed to pool investors’ funds to purchase high-performing multifamily, senior and student housing properties in U.S. emerging markets. 

With a formal education in pharmacy and dental marketing consultant, Sanjay understands the goals, needs and challenges of the medical professionals he works with and is dedicated to providing solutions and strategies meeting their unique situations.

What You Will Learn:
  1. Who is Sanjay N Hegde?
  2. What makes him decide to get into investing?
  3. Sanjay introduces his company, Blue Ring Investors.
  4. What Makes Multifamily Housing, Senior Residential Facilities, and Student Housing Such Great Investments?
  5. Why is it best to be part of investment syndication rather than investing alone?
  6. Sanjay shares the secret to locating emerging markets.
  7. Why can creating passive income be the key to retiring early and spending time with family?
  8. How do they negotiate and get the best deals?
  9. Sanjay shares how he can be contacted.

Thinking about creating passive income streams but don’t know where to start?