Building Passive Wealth Through Investing, with Sanjay N Hegde

In this episode of Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast, Gary Wilson interviewed Sanjay Hegde.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Sanjay N Hegde?
  • What makes him decide to get into investing?
  • Sanjay introduces his company, Blue Ring Investors.
  • What Makes Multifamily Housing, Senior Residential Facilities, and Student Housing Such Great Investments?
  • Why is it best to be part of investment syndication rather than investing alone?
  • Sanjay shares the secret to locating emerging markets.
  • Why can creating passive income be the key to retiring early and spending time with family?
  • How do they negotiate and get the best deals?
  • Sanjay shares how he can be contacted.

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