From India to Minimum Wage to Successful Syndicator with Sanjay Hegde #267

In this episode of REI Mastermind Networks, Jack Hoss interviewed Sanjay Hegde. 

In This episode, a discussion happens about

  • What Makes Multifamily Housing, Senior Residential Facilities, and Student Housing Such Great Investments?
  • Why It’s Best To Be Part of an Investment Syndication Rather Than Investing Alone
  • The Secret to Locating Emerging Markets
  • Why Creating Passive Income Can Be the Key to Retiring Early and Spending Time With Family
  • Sanjay’s Story – Coming From India as a Trained Pharmacist, but Being Unable To Continue That Career in the US – Working His Way up the Ladder From Minimum Wage to the Success He Has Today
Thinking about creating passive income streams but don’t know where to start? Schedule a Free Strategy Call with Sanjay to learn more.

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