Questions To Ask A Syndicator Before Investing?

As a passive investor, you rely on your syndicator to find the right property, in the right market, and at the right price. However, in order to have trust and confidence in the syndicator, there are some key questions to ask that will help determine rather or not the syndicator is a proper fit for you. After all, everyone has their own ideas about how to define a “good” investment, and you want to be sure that your views on multifamily investments and the syndicators are in alignment.
In order to help you determine whether a syndicator is a good fit, In this webinar, I will put together a series of key questions that you should ask your real estate syndicator before investing in any deal.
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What Is A Multifamily Syndication?

Ways to invest in multifamily syndication

Should you invest in multifamily syndication?

Pros and Cons for an Investor

Questions to ask a syndicator before investing?

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