ATE - Ways To Reach Out With Stephen Dall'Orso & Sanjay Hegde

The Diary of An Apartment Investor host Brian Briscoe talks to Sanjay Hegde & Stephen Dall’Orso about ways to learn more about investing and ways to go about contacting investors.  “It was an interesting journey from on the floor starting at $7.25 to making $250K and traveling the world while managing $200M plus in business,” said Sanjay
In 2021 I started Blue Ring Investors. Even though as GP’s we are heavily involved in all aspects of managing the asset at Blue Ring Investors we specialize in raising capital while helping healthcare professionals and busy professionals grow their net worth, passive income and scale up their investment portfolio by helping them invest in investment grade commercial real estate with high returns. We do this by partnering with an established network of vetted and successful real estate acquisition teams in whose deals we invest on our investors benefit.”
Thinking about creating passive income streams but don’t know where to start? Schedule a Free Strategy Call with Sanjay to learn more.

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