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Is This The Right Time To Invest In Multifamily Real Estate?

Monday, August 22nd, 2022
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Learn how we can ride this wave of inflation and beat it successfully.

9 Reasons Medical Professional Should Invest in Real Estate

Why should you, as a medical professional, invest in real estate? For the same reason that anyone – and everyone — should: to prepare for a secure financial future!
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Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate can be a great way to generate passive income and start achieving financial freedom. Real estate is an asset class that is used as a means to grow wealth. It offers several benefits – both immediate and long-term. Additionally, with real estate – you get the chance to use leverage (that is, someone else’s money) to grow your wealth. That’s something that other investments just don’t offer.

What We Do For You

We focus on high-performing multifamily properties, senior housing and student housing in carefully selected emerging markets, primarily in Texas and the Southeast United States.

Multifamily Properties

A multifamily home is any residential property that contains more than one housing unit, such as a duplex, a townhome or an apartment complex.

Senior Residential

Senior living apartments are apartments (townhouses and condos) within communities or complexes that are specifically designed with the wants and needs of older adults in mind.

Student Housing

Student housing is a subset of the multi-family asset class and is characterized as housing principally serving undergraduate or graduate college students.

Cash Flow

Residents pay monthly rent which covers expenses and provides profit to the owners.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits include the fact that passive income from multifamily investments is taxed at a lower rate than regular income tax rates

Value-Add Opportunities

We purchase under-performing assets and increase value through our proven value add business model.


Real estate appreciates in value increase in monthly earnings on a rental property

Build Equity and Wealth

We purchase under-performing assets and increase value through our proven value add business model.

Portfolio Diversification

Investing in a variety of different real estate assets, you can lower your overall risk and increase your chances of higher long-term returns.

How It Works

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Apply for the Bluering Investor Club (it’s free!), a community of people just like you who are looking to invest passively in real estate.


We’ll help you discover whether passive real estate investing is right for you and give you the resources you need to invest with confidence.


When we find great deals, we’ll share them with you, and if you decide to invest, we’ll guide you through it, step by step.

Sit Back

Once you invest, sit back and relax. Your work is done. We’ll take over the heavy lifting and send you ongoing updates and cash flow.



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